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Industry - Real Estate

Workflow Builder


To build complex Commercial Real Estate workflows to automate routine functions and improve deal conversion time and efficiency of the leasing for property & asset management teams.

My Role

as a Lead Designer

Requirement Analysys


Planning & Scope Definition

Detailed Design & Prototyping

Managed execution



Project Overview

With multiple people with varied roles being involved from leasing managers to asset managers in the leasing cycle of a commercial real estate deal, keeping track of things and ensuring that the processes are completed the right way at the right time is a huge operation challenge.

Every asset management company has pre-defined workflows and customizing the asset management platform to their specific needs and modifying the same when necessary is a huge nightmare for the developers. There are delays in shipping the product as the workflow requirements keep changing with new regulations or acquisitions of assets in new regions. This gets even more complicated when there are different rules for approval and execution based on factors like deal size, space type, etc.

The two primary goals of designing and building this app were

  1. To optimize the workflows for asset and property management companies. In turn, helping them build efficient leasing processes, and other associated workflows to manage assets worth billions of euros with ease.

  2. Make the real estate suite scalable to easily onboard new clients with varied business processes and requirements. Also helping existing clients easily make changes to the workflows when necessary.



As I was not directly in contact with the clients or the end users of the customer-facing tool, had to rely on the data being collected by the team interacting with the clients in Switzerland & Germany to understand the problems, business goals, and the impact of this solution. Guided and helped the team to gather the necessary information.


Talked to the internal dev team to understand the feasibility of potential solutions and the challenges they are facing in onboarding new clients with different workflow requirements. The workflow builder was supposed to be used by the internal development team initially and later by the IT admins at the client site to configure and modify the workflows.


These conversations were mapped on process maps and were broken down to understand what we know and what we don’t. Several process maps were created for different clients and their workflows. One such process map is shown below for reference. 


Access detailed case study

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