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Industry - Healthcare

Wellness & Insurance Mobile App


To provide a renewed and refined experience to the existing users to encourage users to use the app regularly and reduce the number of calls made by the users to the helpdesk.

My Role

as a Lead Designer

Requirement Gathering & Analysys


Project Planning

Detailed Design & Prototyping

Visual Design

Led a small team of designers



Project Overview

Even though they had native apps for both Android & iOS, the existing app had several screens being rendered directly from the web/browser version of the company's application which was providing a broken experience to the users.


The company's management wanted to provide a renewed and refined experience to the existing users and to encourage users to use the app regularly for all their wellness, health, and insurance needs by providing some value-added features along with onboarding new users. Another side goal of the project was to reduce the number of calls being received by their helpdesk which would considerably reduce the operational costs.



Discovery workshops were conducted with the key stakeholders to understand the requirements in detail. These workshops along with heuristic analysis provided a better idea of what the problems are in the existing apps and why the redesign would be necessary. Also, the business goals and requirements were clearly understood.

During the research of the existing app, the information architecture (IA) of the existing app was understood in depth by plotting the individual screens of the existing app using a mind-mapping tool (MindNode). This not only helped in understanding the existing IA but also understanding the intricacies of the overall app.

Access detailed case study

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