This mighty beast for the urban Indian of 2016 is called by the name “In-Rapido” which means rapidly in Italian. In the name In-Rapido, “In” means India and “Rapido” means swift/rapid in Italian, as this PMV is set to put India on the fast track by providing better, efficient and compact personal mobility solution especially for the urban population who look forward to identify themselves with their vehicles. It can be noticed that urban population always want to make a style statement in every activity they perform. In-Rapido has a unique style of getting in and out of the vehicle which would appeal to the urban population of 2016. This feature is not just for style but a function in itself as it makes the vehicle occupy lesser parking space, as there are no side doors for getting in and out.
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Personal Mobility Vehicle, Terrestrial Vehicle
User Research, Conceptualization, Form exploration, Sketching, Rendering, Digital Design (Surface modeling, 3D rendering, Video Presentation)
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