Fluido is a unisex e-bike/cycle with drive assist which is a blend of Hardtail mountain bike and a touring bike to cater to the needs and aspirations of Indian urban teens of 2020. They are the current kids of 2012 (Age group 5 to 11 years). The needs were understood by having a look at the mind-set of these kids and the current teens (Age group 13 to 19 years). They like to show-off or exhibit their products to people around.

The form of Fluido is inspired from fluid/droplet and this resembles the fluidic mind-set of a teens who wants to go in different directions and aspires to do everything and wants to have all the products or several features in a single product. The battery and other components are well integrated with the design of this bike and is trendy, fashionable, looks contemporary and suits to the lifestyle of an Urban teen.

Fulido features transparent rims with vibrant colored element or radium elements which would glow in dark and the bike comes in vibrant colors to attract the teens and people passing by.
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Bikes, Transportation
User Research, Conceptualization, Form exploration, Sketching, Rendering, Digital Design (Surface modeling and 3D rendering)
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